Lies addicts tell

Addiction can really take a toll on those who are addicts and also their family members and friends. The disease is one that can quickly spiral out of control and the addict is unfortunately left to make some tough decisions. It can be difficult for those on the outside to truly understand what the individual is going through because they are not in the situation.

Addiction recovery can help any drug or alcohol addict overcome the addiction that has been ruling their life. One of the most important things that outsiders must understand is that when an addict asks for help – you do not wait. When help is requested, they need it now and not later. Below, we will go over some of the most common lies that many addicts will tell themselves and others to prevent being entered into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility.

  1. It’s Just Stress

While it may be true that the addict is stressed, it is a common lie to say that the only reason they are addicted to or seem addicted to a substance is because of stress. There are many alternative stress relievers and excessive drinking or drug taking is the first sign of an addiction.

  1. I Can Quit Whenever I Want

Many of those people who are addicted to substances will say they can stop at any time, but they truly cannot. Once addiction has grasped onto you, you cannot quit no matter how hard you try sometimes. It takes more than just not purchasing pills or bottles of booze. Withdrawals are one of the top reasons why people relapse.

  1. It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone, So Leave Me Alone

Unfortunately, addiction hurts a lot of people and not just the addict themselves. Addiction is a disease and many people who have a substance abuse addiction cannot see the damage it does to those around them. Families can be torn apart, friendships shattered, and the addict may hurt the ones that he or she holds closest.

Sometimes, when the addict says it isn’t hurting anyone, they truly do not know that it is.

  1. I Only Do It on the Days I Don’t Work

Binge drinking is one sign of alcoholism and many people believe just because they do it on the weekends or their time off, they are not addicted. Unfortunately, this type of behaviour can quickly turn into an addiction and the more you do it, the more you depend on it.

One of the myths is that someone must drink every day, all the time to have a problem, but someone who drinks only on the weekends can be in need of alcoholism counselling as well.

  1. They Are Prescription Medications

Just because a medication was prescribed to you does not mean that you are not addicted. Addictions commonly start out this way. For example, you are injured and go to the doctor. The doctor prescribes you oxycodone to take for the pain. You start to take the oxycodone and begin to rely on it to manage your pain. When you try to stop, you cannot.

A prescription is not permission to take the medication how you want and you should ONLY take it as prescribed. Those who begin to become addicted to the medications may exaggerate pain to obtain more pills or even self-injure themselves to receive medication.

The lies above are the most common ones that many addicts will tell. If you hear any of your friends or loved ones saying these things, sit down and attempt to talk to them. If you yourself are saying these things, you may want to consider speaking with a counselor at a recovery treatment centre.